Ernesto is an architect and interior designer. At Ernesto Santalla, PLLC we focus on quality and the skillful combination of all that goes in to a construction project from very technical issues like building codes to the very fine details like accessories. With Ernesto, you get the services of both professionals together, which results in efficiencies of both time and money.

Designing your space is a process. To change your space—we must:



Good design is functional, beautiful, rational, and socially conscious. We design projects to enhance people’s lives. There is great value both to coming home and in going to work in tranquil environments, void of information overload. Our client-centered creative process makes the client an integral member of the design team, which allows our work to go beyond elegant, functional and beautiful, to become an ideal space for living.



Designing a building and designing a chair are more similar than one might imagine. The results tend to be very different, but the process is comparable. Our interactive approach starts by carefully listening to the needs, desires and dreams of our clients. Once we are familiar with the project, we set goals; we research; we think and sketch… until a concept emerges.

Studio Santalla


The projects we are working on now have the benefit of the long-term expertise we bring from the design and execution of previous projects. Technologies, building materials and lifestyle preferences change, but good design principles stand the test of time.  The difference is the context: a project’s location, its purpose and for whom it is designed. For these reasons, our work is unique because of each new set of opportunities and challenges.